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Our Events

We are so grateful to have hosted so many events with these amazing, driven students across the Bay Area!

VEX Day - November 2022

VEX Day, our first event, focused on teach students the fundamentals of robotics


  • Students were split into two teams of twelve and each team was guided through the process of constructing a robotic arm through commercial VEX parts

  • Programming with VEX Code, a software derived from C++; 

  • Computer aided design (CAD), using Autodesk's Fusion 360

Golden State STEM CAD Workshop - April 2023

Our CAD Workshop took a deeper, more thorough dive into CAD specifically

  • Each student worked on their own Autodesk Fusion 360 projects

  • Guided through the fundamentals of Fusion 360 interface + concepts 

  • Worked their way up to graphically designing robotic arm 

GSS x Multicultural Institute Intro to Everything Robotics Workshop - April 2023

Partnered with the Multicultural Institute, working towards equity for immigrants and refugees in education and career development


  • Went over the basics of CAD and build, including an introduction to Fusion 360’s software and the VEX IQ parts

  • Students worked together to build their own robotic arms

  • Finished up the robotic arm lesson with an intro to programming

  • Build a bridge STEM activity

GSS x Skydio Day of Engineering  - July 19th, 2023

Partnered with Skydio, the number one drone manufacturing company in the entire US to have a combined drone and robotics event! 

Participants got to experience:

  • Immersive tour of Skydio facilities

  • Inside into drone designing, prototyping, and testing process from professionals/employees in the field

  • Got to fly drones from Skydio and test their groundbreaking features!

  • Participated in building and programming robotic mechanisms, and got exposure to CAD (which parallels how Skydio uses CAD software as well)

Golden State STEM Robotics Summer Camp,

July 30th, 2023

Golden State STEM had their first summer camp! 

  • Students got a preliminary intro to VEX robotics parts, software, as well as understanding of CAD concepts and navigating the interface

  • Students worked in teams to build team spirit and connect with one another while working to build their own, fully functioning robot

  • Students were taught programming syntax and coded their robots, as well as making their own creative autonomous route

  • Teams got to compete each other in a robotics showdown to showcase their work!